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We’ve set up an Amazon wish-list, for things we need to be able to continue with our charity’s work e.g. art/craft supplies for the educational workshops we deliver to healthcare professionals etc.


If you would like to buy something off the list for Borderline Arts, you can do so by clicking here.

They are listed in priority order, with - obviously - those marked ‘highest’ being the most urgently required. It also says how many of each thing we require, but there’s absolutely no obligation to get more than one, if you do get something.


Once you’ve purchased the items, they will be delivered straight to our founder, Sarah.


(*IMPORTANT*: please make sure you select ‘Borderline Arts’ as the delivery address during checkout!).


We are a *not-for-profit* charity, so rely on donations and money raised through events and workshops; we would be so, so, so grateful for ANYTHING you’re able to contribute, or even if you are just able to share it!


Thank you! 

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