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Self-taught from childhood, I began drawing and painting images of my surroundings being brought up in rural Wales. I spent a lot of time isolated in my bedroom as a child and a young teenager, and I used art within my own fantasy world to create images of whimsy and make-believe as a form of escapism.

Throughout my teenage years I never believed I was any good at art, mainly due to lack of confidence and encouragement from teachers, and my own comparisons with my peers’ work, and so it disappeared from my life for some time. I landed work in a creative industry however the freedom and the explorative element within this role was ultimately lost in ‘money making', and so making art then resurfaced as an outlet for my imagination.

I received the diagnosis of BPD at age 36 after years of turbulent feelings and emotions that I could not understand, and over the few years preceding and following that time I have established an intense connection between art and using it as an extension of therapy to release and encapsulate my feelings. I realise now that I need this channel of expression in my life to help me deal with the tempestuous stream of emotions that can occur. I work a lot, as I did as a child, alone in my converted studio at home, mainly using charcoal and pastel, with a particular interest in eroticism. I also experiment with collage, photographic art and recycled material sculpture.

Instagram: @myeoart

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