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Vicky Vaughan


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  • Where are you from?

Biiiig question... who knows? Quite possibly another planet.

  • Why did you choose to volunteer at Borderline Arts?

My best pal started the charity, and I kind of just bumbled alongside her as it happened... obviously I was there in the first place because I have personal experience and want to try and make a difference in how mental health - particularly BPD - is perceived, understood and treated. It’s amazing to see how much of an impact the charity has had over the last few years.


  • What is your role in Borderline Arts?

I’m an ArTiSt so have participated in the art exhibitions and events, but the rest of the time I work on things in the office (website development, admin and social media), and also co-facilitate the educational workshops.

  • What is your occupation outside Borderline Arts?

Professional artist, sportswoman, and over-thinker (one of those things is a lie).

  • How long have you volunteered with Borderline Arts?

As long as it’s been around!

  • What is your favourite colour?

BLACK. No, erm... lime green, turquoise, pink, khaki! LOTS but not orange (unless it’s hair dye).

  • What’s one of your favourite places in the world?

The sea! Specifically, by a quiet sandy beach, under the blazing sun, staring up at a clear blue sky and listening to the splashy water and birds; my nirvana (and the only place I can stop thinking).

  • What is one of your favourite quotes?

“If you can’t handle me at my worst... then I completely understand, because I can’t either.”

  • Do you have any phobias?

Arachnids. Dead sea-creatures prepared as food. Lampshades.


  • Marmite: love it or hate it?

I really don’t know, I think I disliked it enough to not want to try it again.

  • An interesting (or weird) fact about you?

I *hate* spiders, but they annoyingly seem to think I’m their Queen. I have a meaningless certificate that says I have a high IQ. I enjoy algebra and science but also music and art... apparently those interests/characteristics aren’t supposed to coexist.

  • Do you have any pets?

My family have always had dogs, and my baby was a greyhound... I’m an animal lover. They’re just awesome and better than people. Sadly I don’t have one living with me now.

  • Introvert or Extrovert?

INTROVERT! But apparently good at accidentally coming across as an extrovert (this can be inconvenient... if you want to be bored just ask me about cognitive functions).