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Volunteer Coordinator

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Volunteer Coordinator at Borderline Arts on a voluntary basis. You will be responsible for managing all elements of volunteering within Borderline Arts.


The Volunteer Coordinator is:

Central to Borderline Arts' success in recruiting and retaining the volunteers needed to deliver its objectives.

The Volunteer Coordinator will:

  • Advertise volunteering opportunities with their role descriptions

  • Using our database system, send information about how to apply to interested individuals

  • Interview volunteers who seem suited to the role

  • Recruit volunteers and ensure they are appropriately matched and trained for a position

  • Provide inductions and refer for training where appropriate

  • Check in with volunteers regularly to ensure they are happy with their role and completing tasks assigned

  • Remind volunteers of deadlines approaching and motivate them to meet them where appropriate

  • Maintain the records of volunteers’ hours and note when they are unable to come in to the office

  • Celebrate volunteers by acknowledging their achievements and thanking them for all they've done

  • Celebrate volunteers by nominating individuals for awards and organising celebration events (not essential)

  • Attend committee meetings (approx 4 per year)

  • Maintain our volunteer database and undertake any other administrative duties.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally a Volunteer Coordinator is someone who:

  • Can communicate effectively and has excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Has the ability to work well in a team.

  • Ensures they are well informed of all organisation activities.

  • Ensure they are aware of the future directions and plans of Borderline Arts.

  • Ensure they have a good working knowledge of what Borderline Arts is all about.

  • Is patient.

  • Has common sense.

  • Has the ability to motivate and encourage others.

  • Has leadership skills.

  • Is empathetic.

  • Is positive and enthusiastic.

  • Can abide by Borderline Arts Policies.

  • Access to the internet.

  • Has creative flair and enthusiasm.

  • Has experience of using basic databases including Windows based software packages.

  • Is committed to their role.

  • Communicates clearly and regularly with the Borderline Arts Chairperson (what is happening generally, positive steps forward, if anything is going awry, if yourself or team members are not able to complete tasks, etc). Communication is key!


Appointment Terms and Time Commitment Required

  • The Volunteer Coordinator is appointed for a term, which is negotiated between the Chairperson and the applicant. The minimum term is 12 months.

  • The estimated time commitment required for the Volunteer Coordinator at Borderline Arts is 4-6 hours per week. Some weeks will be much less, some much more – so there is a need for flexibility.

  • Attendance at occasional Team Meetings (approx 1 hour in length).

  • At all times, remember that Borderline Arts' focus is to raise awareness/understanding of and reduce stigma surrounding BPD, using the arts – ensure whatever you are doing is achieving that aim, or leading us to be able to do that more.


Being the Volunteer Coordinator of Borderline Arts is an opportunity to contribute to the overall development of Borderline Arts. Our committee is a friendly, dedicated team who welcomes new members.


  • 100% of out of pocket expenses that are vital to the role of Volunteer Coordinator are reimbursed.

  • Gain experience in event management.

  • Access to training and development workshops and seminars.

  • Opportunity to work in a positive and encouraging environment.

  • Gain experience of working in a growing dynamic and successful arts and mental health organisation.

  • Borderline Arts will provide ongoing support and a reference to help your future career.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this role, please fill out out our volunteer Application Form. 

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