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Borderline Theatre

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Film & Theatre

One of the strands of Borderline Arts is 'Film & Theatre'.


As is the case in all we do, we aim to raise awareness of and break down stigma surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder.


We are a team of people who are passionate about using the arts to raise awareness of mental health issues. Some of us have BPD, some don't.


Current Project: 'On The Borderline'

We're making great progress with our upcoming film ‘On The Borderline’ - an exciting collaboration with Smith & Smith Productions.


The scriptwriting is really moving forward now. Gav (our script writer) has completed Acts 1 & 2 and is has almost finished the first draft of Act 3.


The film is set in a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) group - all the group members have BPD). It shows the reality of life with BPD, as we see the characters' struggles as they learn to manage BPD symptoms in day to day life. But we also see their unique qualities and we're falling in love with them & their quirky ways! We see the friendships that develop in the group & their strength - both as individuals & as a group - in not letting BPD win. We hope that this will offer hope and reassurance to those watching.


The film will premiere at Quad in Derby and a DVD will be produced! We also plan to develop an educational resource package to go alongside it (aimed at professionals & students working in medical/social services).


We're very excited about this project's potential to increase awareness and to decrease stigma & feelings of isolation. Watch this space for more information!


General information about the Borderline Arts' Film & Theatre Strand


* Creates and performs performing-arts pieces that convey what it is like to have BPD to raise awareness of and reduce stigma surrounding the condition, as well as reducing isolation of those with BPD, by showing them that they are not alone in their experience.


* Provides a platform for people to take part in performances in a safe and encouraging environment, to help increase confidence and foster creativity.


* We are not a support group – our focus is to create pieces to raise awareness of BPD and point people to any help we know is available, rather than support people directly with BPD.

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