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Do you have a loved one who has Borderline Personality Disorder?

Unfortuanely, due to lack of response, this course has now change to be directed at Individuals with a diagnosis of BPD. Please see HERE. If you are a carer or family member and would be interested in something like this in future, please contact us here, and feel free to sign-up to our mailing list too!

If you are over 18 and are a family member, partner or friend of someone with BPD, you may be interested in our series of free therapeutic art groups... The group will provide participants with a safe, supportive space to meet others in similar situations.

We’re running a series of eight group art therapy sessions for loved ones between 14.11.15 and 12.03.16. These will be run by a fully qualified Art Psychotherapist and are absolutely free.

Over 1% of the population have BPD. Therefore many loved ones are affected by the condition. The threat of/acts of self-harm or suicide, common in those with BPD, can cause loved ones to feel traumatised, angry and guilt-ridden, often unable to emotionally detach themselves from it or stay calm. They’re at high of risk developing depression themselves. Inevitably, relationships between sufferers and others can be tumultuous. A common myth is that BPD sufferers cannot maintain healthy relationships, however with unconditional positive regard and understanding, very fulfilling relationships can result.

We are aware that, understandably, loved ones often feel helpless and distressed. They need/deserve support for their own wellbeing as well as to enable them to effectively support the sufferer. As there’s no BPD support group for loved ones in Derbyshire, we’re implementing an art psychotherapy group for these individuals.

If you are interested in signing up, please email

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