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Hello to you all. We hope Christmas and the New Year were happy and healthy and full of all the Christmas cheer. As the 'cheeriest charity' in the world**, we certainly all had a good time here at Borderline Arts HQ. Since the last Newsletter, we've been working hard on Workshops and Therapeutic Groups, as well as planning some exciting things for 2016 and chasing funding to the ends of the earth. But we have also had some amazing donations from people - 'Singing Together' (based in Derby) who raised £72 with a Christmas Raffle, and Nicky Hunter and Colleagues at Derby City Council Environmental Services, who held an Afternoon Tea Fundraiser which made a spectacular £112.80 for us.Thank you so much to all those involved and those who donated; the money will be going to help us continue to raise awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder. Both events were held in memory of Sarah's aunt (Marian) who sadly died last summer. Writing Workshop In January we held a writing workshop (facilitated by Chrissie Hall) for those with BPD. We generated a load of literary works of such genius that some had be kept in a padlocked box with 'open in 2035' on the lid. Chrissie was full of expert knowledge - she has scripted the TV series 'Doctors' - and great tips and exercises to help people realise their potential expressing themselves in words. Thank you Chrissie for such a fun day. Therapeutic Art Group We've been running a Therapeutic Art Group for a few months now for people with BPD. We've only got a few sessions left, but if you want to join in keep your eyes on our Facebook page or Twitter for dates/times. It's been a really fantastic vehicle for people with the diagnosis to get together and make friends/support each other/gossip/and make some interesting artworks. A HUGE thanks to Keziah Smith for running this incredibly valuable group! BPD Awareness Training Workshop As you may already know, we offer a BPD Awareness workshop for Health Professionals and anyone who may benefit from the training. Our last workshop took place in January. We have some more in the pipeline but get in contact if you think your organisation could benefit and we'll gladly talk about cost/time...and biscuits. BPD Awareness Month May is Borderline Personality Awareness disorder month in the UK. We'll be doing something appropriate to 'celebrate'. Keep your eyes on alien-like stalks. Frankie Frankie is our much loved film project we are working on with the help of Derby Quad. Obviously these things take time and many, many hours of debate and writing and organisation but things are moving along swiftly. We are developing the script and trying to figure how to best represent the many facets of BPD on the silver screen. As always, don't feel afraid to contact us if you want to volunteer or donate or contribute to our Charity. We love what we are trying to do......and we love you too.

The Borderline Arts Team

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