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Borderline Arts' Third Birthday!

Three years. Yeah....three whole vibrant and life-affirming years of developing Borderline Arts. Three years go past quickly if you take your eyes off the ball, but we like to think we've kept focused and made a success of things - in fact, weknow we have. Art exhibitions, Workshops, Networking, Awareness raising, Fundraising, Art Groups.....many things can be achieved with the right motivation and with the right people. As you'll already know, we simply exist to encourage discussion and debate and information sharing around the diagnosis a few of us here at B-Arts HQ suffer from - Borderline Personality Disorder. We have no plans for world domination, and we don't have an offshore bank account so we can all retire in six months in Barbados and sip Mohitos. At the core of how this charity was founded, and is still run, is the supposition that knowledge helps people to gain some control over their lives. Heady stuff on an April afternoon here in Derby...but true nevertheless. It's traditional in these kinds of info-newsletter-brief-diatribe-shoutythings to thank people. But who cares about tradition? Not us. We'd like to extend much more than Thanks to each and every person who has volunteered, helped, given time, raised money for us, supported us, coped with us. 'Thanks' is not we LOVE each and every one of you epic humans. In three years time things will be even greater for Borderline Arts, and more people will know that little bit more about BPD.

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