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Looking For Peace

Daniel and Antonia from DASH Arts invited Borderline Arts participants along to a Virtual Reality (VR) Workshop they were running at the Attenborough Arts in Leicester on 21st March. The session was part of their ‘Be Here, Now’ project, exploring how VR technology can transport us to another place.

During the workshop, they took us for a mindfulness walk, and along the way, they showed us how to take photos and videos using a 360 degree camera. We had lots of fun taking images beneath trees, inside bushes, on a roundabout and more. Some images evoked fun and laughter and others evoked calm.

Later the footage was edited and we got to view them in a VR headset. It was incredible how much it felt like you were really inside the image when wearing the headset! If you click on the photos, they will take you to a link to a 360 degree version of the images, to give you an idea of how it would look when viewing it in the headset!

We discussed how we might use the images. We chatted about how useful they’d be when we are feeling low or unable to get out and about, but want to experience the sense of being outdoors. We discussed immersing ourselves in the image by not only viewing it through a VR headset, but also listening to sounds and even smelling scents that enhance the experience. Obviously, that would take more preparing, but once gathered, it could be a fantastic tool for positive escapism to a ‘safe space’ - whether calm or fun.

All of us who went had a brilliant time, as you can see from the comments below:

“Thanks for all the fun!”

“Thank you I had a great time and the photos are amazing.....I feel like I'm back there now!”

“It was great to discover and try out a new way to enter into a ‘safe place’, which is such a helpful coping tool when life feels too overwhelming. I’d like to create more like this! Thank you!”

“Thank you people for the fab day we shared together!”

We’re really grateful to Daniel, Antonia and all those at DASH Arts for involving us in their project. We were all really inspired and had a brilliant day. Thank you!

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