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Borderline Arts is FOUR years old!

How Did This Come About?!

Well, it started with having an interview with the the Derby Telegraph about my experience of living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Then the amazing organisation 'Artcore' encouraged me to exhibit my Artwork (which expressed my experience of BPD) and run some workshops for people with BPD and it all went from there!

We soon held a group exhibition, were filmed by channel 5, created a Theatre Group, began running Educational Workshops for professionals and holding other awareness events and activities.

We later ended up advising the Minister of State for the Department of Health about how to improve Mental Health Services, holding an Exhibition at Derby Quad, holding Therapeutic Art Sessions for people with BPD, and much more. We have now been a Registered Charity with our very own Office Space for just over a year!

I'm not going to lie - there are many, many days when I want to give up with the charity altogether! It's a rollercoaster and it is exhausting. Having BPD and co-existing conditions makes it much harder still! But it really is all down to having such a solid team that Borderline Arts can keep going - so we should all take our hats off to them!!

Anyway, enough about the past. Here is some information about some events that are coming up soon!

Crafternoon Tea

Sat 13th May, (1pm - 4pm)

Every year, May is BPD Awareness Month. This also always coincides with 'Mental Health Awareness Week'.

This Year, the Awareness Week runs from 8th-14th May and the theme is 'Surviving or Thriving'.

To help us celebrate BPD Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Week, we are inviting you to drop in to our Crafternoon on Saturday 13th May (any time between 1-4pm).

We think it's so important to take time out to consider ways what small things you can do (or stop doing) in order to improve your wellbeing - whether you have BPD or not!

There will be cake, tea, a craft stall, info about BPD, a relaxed environment to chat and really simple creative activities that focus on making yourself and someone you love feel just that bit better about yourselves :)

You can find out more about the event here. We would love to see you there!

Creative Educational Workshop (FREE!)

Fri 26th May, (1pm - 4pm)

Do you want to come to a FREE workshop to learn about Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline Arts offers a Certificate in Professional Development for those who want to gain an understanding of BPD.

These workshops are run by our trained team and are aimed at those who work with those who have BPD.

We are the only Charity in the UK who offer BPD specific training. Our Creative Educational Workshops raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Our workshops enable participants to:

* Express their personal thoughts & feelings about BPD.

* Learn more about the condition.

* Learn ways to sensitively relate to someone with BPD.

The workshops are interactive and engaging. We try to include a facilitator who has a diagnosis of BPD for genuine feedback and Service User expertise. Each participant will be given an information handbook and a certificate to take home.

The workshop is split into 2 sections:

The first half explores feelings related to the 9 criteria used to diagnose BPD and how these symptoms may vary dramatically from person to person - this is done using word games and creative activities. Then there is a discussion about each criteria and symptoms in more detail, including lots of first hand experiences. People who've attended previous workshops have said that this has helped to increase their understanding the complexity of how the condition affects those with BPD.

In the second half we use role play to consider how the criteria and symptoms affect the sufferers' feelings, thoughts and behaviour in specific situations (for example at a GP appointment, in therapy, shopping etc). We explore ways of responding to the individual with BPD, discussing things that are and are not helpful. People who've attended previous workshops have said that this has increased their confidence in supporting those with BPD, practically and emotionally.

Please note that no one will be pressured into participating in the role play if they are not comfortable in doing so.

Sound good? Wondering how to book...?

Simply complete this short online form to book on, but be quick, as places are limited and filling up fast!

Health Watch - BPD Services Discussion

Mon 17th July 2017 (1.30pm - 3:30pm)

On 17th July, Sharon (from Health Watch) is coming to Borderline Arts.

She is going to facilitate a discussion for people with BPD to chat about their experiences of health and social care (specifically in Derby or Derbyshire).

Healthwatch Derby gathers and represents the views of the public to make sure that the views of the public and people who use services are taken into account. This includes the positive as well as the negative experiences! They use their findings to build a true picture of our local services

Healthwatch Derby also works with complaints advocacy services to support people who make a complaint about services - they can report concerns about the quality of health care to Healthwatch England, which can then recommend that the Care Quality Commission take action.

If you have BPD (or care for someone who does), you are very welcome to join us on 17th July at Borderline Arts to just listen or to also share your experience. Please email us to let us know if you are coming along.


Other Workshops and 'Talks'

We're loo​king forward tothe opportunity to do a short talk about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) for the staff at Mickleover Surgery and the staff at Erewash Mental Health Personalisation and Prevention Service. We are also running two Creative Educational Workshops for Aspire Health and Care.

If you are interested in us doing something similar for your organisation or group, please feel free to email us to find out more.

Interested in knowing how to find out more...?

First of all, check out our 'Upcoming Events' to see if there are any you can simply book on to.

If there are not any upcoming, send an email us to express interest (whether as an individual or for a group/team), and we try our best to accommodate your needs.


Waged: £75 and Unwaged: £25

In-house: Negotiable


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