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Social Media Coordinator

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Volunteer Social Media Coordinator at Borderline Arts.


The Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining and updating our various social media accounts, measuring success in this area, and liaising with colleagues across the communications team. They will be passionate about using the arts to raise awareness of and reduce stigma, and will be a vital part of our exciting and creative team.


The Social Media Coordinator will:



  • Implement a social media strategy: The social media coordinator will develop the plan and the parameters for Borderline Art’s social media strategy. You will implement a social media strategy and ensure a consistent message is shared with supporters. You will determine objectives, establish what needs to be accomplished and define how it will be done

  • Search for news/articles to post: The social media coordinator will keep an eye out for news headlines, articles, articles, stories, images and tips etc that are related to BPD, mental health and stigma etc, which can be posted to the social media accounts.​ You will ensure that the posts are positive and non-triggering.

  • Write blog articles: To be an influencer in any given field, it is important to be writing interesting articles or blog postings on topics relevant to the company or industry. The social media coordinator will recruit others to write blogs etc, giving them deadlines in line with the social media strategy plan, ensuring deadlines are kept to etc. 

  • Manage & post on social media sitesStale social media accounts looks bad for Borderline Arts and leave people with the impression that nothing is happening. You will update our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest...) at least 5-7 times a week basis - ensuring that messaging is timely and relevant. This also includes using social media tools (i.e., Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.) to schedule tweets to appear on weekends and overnight to engage clients in different time zones...without having to physically go online every day! 

  • Engage in online dialogue: The social media coordinator will be proactive with communications on the allocated social media accounts - checking/replying to messages and comments 1-3 times a week. If there are questions that you can't answer, you will forward them to the relevant person in our team.

  • Monitor customer issues & feedback: In this day and age it cannot be prevented. People will post both good and bad things about an organisation online. It is vital to monitor the internet for any positive or negative feedback about Borderline Arts, and then follow up on the feedback. You will encourage and thank individuals for positive feedback, and try to appease any unhappy individuals.

  • Implement social media campaigns: Social media campaigns are things that get people actively engaging - this could be asking poll questions, the chance of winning a prize for “Liking” us Facebook etc. 

  • Promote Borderline Arts events: Share as far and wide as possible, particularly targeting relevant contacts.

  • Attend occasional Borderline Arts meetings: These are just as required, very informal and infrequent.


  • Monitor social media success: It is important to monitor the effectiveness and success of our online accounts. The social media coordinator will use social networking analysis tools such as TwitterCounter, Google Analytics to measure clickthroughs and traffic activity. You will regularly compile these statistics to show what worked and where we need to improve. 

  • Provide feedback to the team: A well-run organisation has strong internal communication. The social media coordinator will keep in contact with other relevant staff to communicate the statistics gathered, as well as to share any public feedback, complaints and conversations relevant to Borderline Arts that are taking place in the online. This is to ensure that the Chair is kept informed of any significant problems that might jeopardise the wellbeing of the organisation or any encouragement that will be much appreciated.

  • Promote social media within the organisation: Remind staff of the importance of social media. Encourage other staff members to regularly tweet etc about Borderline Arts and Retweet Borderline Art’s tweets etc on their personal accounts etc.

  • Monitor trends and encourage adoption of social media tools: The social media coordinator identifies and reports on social media trends. It is key for Borderline Arts to be on top of the latest trends, developments and tools within the field of social media, to ensure that we are reaching the maximum amount of reach in order to raise as much awareness of BPD as possible.

  • Engage in conversation on other relevant social media sites: There are always conversations going on in the social space that provide the perfect opportunities for Borderline Arts to introduce itself and raise awareness. The social media coordinator will actively engage in relevant chats, blogs, wikis, video sharing, etc to promote Borderline Arts, to raise awareness of BPD and directing people to our Borderline website.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally a Social Media Coordinator is someone who:

  • Passion for using social media to raise awareness of and reduce stigma surrounding BPD and mental illness.

  • Active learner and forward thinker who excels at identifying evolving media trends.

  • Has a good working knowledge of what Borderline Arts is all about.

  • Ensure they are aware of the future directions and plans of Borderline Arts.

  • Strong written and oral communications skills.

  • Thrives in a high-energy, collaborative environment.

  • Is a flexible individual, creative thinker and problem solver, accustomed to working in teams.

  • Can communicate effectively and has excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Has the ability to work well in a team.

  • Ensures they are well informed of all organisation activities.

  • Is positive and enthusiastic.

  • Can abide by Borderline Arts policies.

  • Access to internet, email, web, MS Word, MS Excel or equivalent/compatible.

  • Has creative flair and enthusiasm.

  • Has good numeracy skills - ability to accurately enter and record data in terms of reach through social media.

  • Is committed to their role.

  • Communicates clearly and regularly with our Volunteer Coordinator (what is happening generally, positive steps forward, if anything is going awry, if you are not able to complete tasks, etc. Communication is key.

  • At all times, remember that Borderline Art’s focus is to raise awareness/understanding of and reduce stigma surrounding BPD, using the arts – ensure whatever you are doing is achieving that aim, or leading us to be able to do that more.

Appointment Terms and Time Commitment Required

  • The Social Media Coordinator is appointed for a term, which is negotiated between the Chair and the applicant. The minimum term is 6 months.

  • The estimated time commitment required as the Social Media Coordinator of Borderline Arts is 5-7 hours per week. Some weeks will be much less, some much more – so there is a need for flexibility.

  • Attendance at occasional Team Meetings (approx 1 hour in length).


Being the Social Media Coordinator of Borderline Arts is an opportunity to contribute to the overall development of Borderline Arts. Our committee is a friendly, dedicated team who welcomes new members.

  • 100% of out of pocket expenses that are vital to the role of Social Media Coordinator are reimbursed.

  • Gain experience in networking through social media.

  • Access to training and development workshops and seminars.

  • Opportunity to work in a positive and encouraging environment.

  • Gain experience of working in a growing dynamic and successful arts and mental health organisation.

  • Borderline Arts will provide ongoing support and a reference to help your future career.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this role, please fill out out our volunteer Application Form. 

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