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Bank Volunteer

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Bank Volunteer at Borderline Arts.

If you'd like to volunteer for Borderline Arts, but can't commit to regular time slots, we have a Bank of Volunteers who we contact when we run events, workshops, activities etc to ask if they are able to help. We ask that you commit to help at at least one event per year if you sign up - there is no pressure to do any more than that, but you are of course welcome to help at as many as you like!

Bank Volunteer:

There are lots of ways to get involved as a Bank Volunteer - below are some options of what you could help with:

  • Fundraising activities

  • Awareness Stalls

  • Practical help at events

  • Practical help at Workshops

  • Co-facilitating a Creative Therapeutic Workshop

  • Co-facilitate a Creative Educational Workshop

  • Transporting volunteers to events & workshops

  • Transporting equipment to events & workshops

  • Acting out role-play in our educational workshops

  • Taking Photographs at events and Workshops

  • Baking for Cake Sales

  • Making craft items and cards for Craft Sales

...and many many more. Although our Bank Volunteers may choose to help out as little as once a year, they will still be passionate about using the arts to raise awareness of and reduce stigma, and will be a vital part of our exciting and creative team.

Our Bank Volunteers will:

  • Receive emails from us whenever we are in need of volunteers for ad-hoc events, activities and workshops.

  • Answer these emails to let us know if they can or cannot attend that occasion, so we are aware of numbers

  • Represent Borderline Arts or help with vital behind the scenes-tasks at our events, activities or workshops.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally our Bank Volunteers are people who:

  • Are flexible.

  • Are motivated and able to work autonomously.

  • Are willing to do menial or routine tasks.

  • Can communicate effectively and has excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Have the ability to work well in a team,

  • Have a good working knowledge of what Borderline Arts is all about.

  • Are positive and enthusiastic.

  • Can abide by Borderline Arts policies.

  • Are committed to their role.

  • Communicate clearly and regularly with our Volunteer Coordinator (what is happening generally, positive steps forward, if anything is going awry, if you are not able to attend events etc, etc). Communication is key!

Appointment Terms and Time Commitment Required

  • Our Bank Volunteers are required to help at a minimum of one event/activity per year. You will discuss with our Volunteer Coordinator roughly how many times per year you think you might be able to help.

  • You will chat with our Volunteer Coordinator about the kind of ways you'd like to help.

  • At all times, remember that Borderline Arts’s focus is to raise awareness/understanding of and reduce stigma surrounding BPD, using the arts – ensure whatever you are doing is achieving that aim, or leading us to be able to do that more.


Being a Borderline Arts Bank Volunteer is an opportunity to contribute to the overall development of Borderline Arts. Our committee is a friendly, dedicated team who welcomes new members.

  • 100% of out of pocket expenses that are vital to the role of our Bank Volunteers are reimbursed.

  • Access to training and development workshops and seminars.

  • Opportunity to work flexibly in a positive and encouraging environment, without any regular time commitment.

  • Gain experience of working in a growing dynamic and successful arts and mental health organisation.

  • Borderline Arts will provide ongoing support and a reference to help your future career.

How to Apply

Please fill out our our Application Form if you are interested in becoming a bank volunteer with us.

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