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How to Create a Local Giving Fundraiser

It's great that you are interested in raising money for Borderline Arts. As a small charity, every penny really does help us to fight stigma & improve life for those with BPD.

The best way to set up a fundraiser is to create a fundraising page via Local Giving.


To set up a Local Giving Fundraiser Page:

1.     Click here and either log in or click ‘join’ if you don’t have an account - it’s free.

2.     Click on ‘Create a New Fundraising Page’ circle.

3.     Fill in the required details. (See below for example of text you can use to describe Borderline Arts, if you wish)

4.     Save your Fundraising Page and share with lots of people!

We'd LOVE to see photos of you taking part so we can share them on our website and social media etc, so do email them to us if you'd like to (and are happy for us to share them)!!


Thanks again for supporting Borderline Arts by fundraising for us - your fundraising will make a real difference to the work Borderline Arts does :D


We look forward to hearing how it goes!


Good luck!!


About Borderline Arts


We use the Arts to raise awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder. Despite 1 in 100 having a diagnosis (1 in 10 die from suicide) it is little-known of!


Our Creative Training educates professionals about BPD, reduces stigma & improves quality of care. 


Our Groups for Adults with BPD facilitate social inclusion, creative expression & positive self-image.


Our Exhibitions empower adults with BPD as artists - showcasing their creative talent & raise awareness of BPD, enriching community life.


Why Donate?

As a small charity, every penny helps us to fight stigma & improve life for those with BPD.

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