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Why Volunteer With Us?

As an organisation we are growing and developing all the time, and our success relies on the enthusiasm and hard work of a group of committed volunteers.

This page is to help you consider the volunteer role you are interested in taking within Borderline Arts. There is a range of short and long term volunteer opportunities available.

In return, we are offering volunteers the experience of working within a growing dynamic and successful mental health focussed arts organisation. Borderline Arts will provide ongoing support and a reference to help your future career.

We will make every effort to offer a range of experience and match individuals where possible to particular areas of interest. We are interested in volunteers from all backgrounds and areas of the community. Here is what Hana has to say about volunteering with us:

I’ve been volunteering as a general administrator at Borderline Arts since 2021. My tasks vary frequently, meaning that I’ve learnt a lot of new things. For example, I’ve added subtitles to YouTube videos and entered data into a Microsoft Access database, both of which I’ve never used before. The team is very friendly and patient, which means that when I’ve forgotten how to do something or where something is, I can easily approach them. This has improved my ability to work in a team rather than trying to do everything on my own and fearing asking for help or talking to others. Volunteering as a general administrator for this charity means that I can make an impact for people like me who have BPD by helping Borderline Arts run smoothly.'


(Hana Nasreen, General Adminstrator)

If you have any questions about volunteering with us, feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator.

Current Opportunities

Listed below are our current volunteering opportunities. Please click on each to find out more:

MUST be local to Derby:

Event Coordinator 

Can be local to Derby OR remote:

Fundraising Coordinator

Regarding Remote Bank Volunteering:

Unfortunately we are currently unable to take on any more remote bank volunteers. This includes people creating content for the website/social media. If this is something you are interested in we are happy to take your name and email address. We will contact you when an opportunity becomes available.  

We are also keen to get some volunteers on board who have skills/experience in:


Maintaining computers/printers (must be local)


Apply for a Volunteer Role

You can fill out our application form online.


Alternatively, you can download it as a Word Document or as a PDF and email/post it back to us once completed - contact details are at the end of the form.


Simply click on your choice below.

If you have any difficulty accessing the form, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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