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One of the things we do at Borderline Arts is.... wait for it.... ART! The clue was in the title, wasn't it?!


So, to that end, we exhibit art from BPD sufferers and carers of sufferers from time to time. The purpose of this is to reduce stigma about BPD and to enable some really talented artists to get their message about the diagnosis out there in a media that, for some, says much more than words can.

At the end of 2017, we held an exhibition at East Street Arts' temporary gallery space, 'The Spot'. And thanks to the wonderful V21 Arts, you can have a browse through that very exhibition from the comfort of your own sofa! So, grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a virtual mooch around it right here:

By getting art around BPD out there, it gives a chance for conversations to be had around the diagnosis; constructive dialogue and information sharing is key to tackling stigma.


The exhibitions are not an exercise in self-pity, or an opportunity to wallow in harmful behaviours or symptoms, they are vibrant and hard-hitting messages (often using a unique sense of humour) from positive and loving people who are simply trying to find the best path through life they can. Creating and exhibiting art gives BPD sufferers a chance to feel worth and purpose, and to be a part of something constructive. Oh, and the artwork is really, really amazing - biased, but true!

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