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About the author: Natasha is a 25-year-old interdisciplinary student with a background in care and support work. She admits that she can be a little bit intense, using writing as a form of expression for her passions and deep feelings about the world and its many injustices. She has also found it a therapeutic way of exploring her own history of trauma and its lasting effects, and importantly, to fight back against stigma and misrecognition

You can read a selection of her poems in the slideshow below:


I am
Sighs release,  
and I wish I h
ad the energy to smile,
but I am tired
ars fall,
and I wish I had a story to tell,
but I do not
Yes, I am tired  
and no,
I have no justification
no sense t
o make
no hard truths for you to swallow
no ‘story’ to garner your sympathies
as they are,
for those who have the power  
to make themselves
if I did, you might permit me to feel
the way tha
t I do

but I do not

[you] do not
So, there is just
[and my feelings]

and what have feelings ever been good for anyway?
‘What does it feel like to make sense?’
I do not know
Sighs release,
and I wish I had the labels that you liked,
but I do not
Tears fall,
and I wish I had the solidity you required,
but I am me
Yes, I am I
and no,  
I do not know what that means

I do not know what that means.


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