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Creative Educational Workshop: Rethink

On Thursday 12th April, we ran our Creative Educational Workshop for the staff and volunteers who work at Rethink Steps, Derby.

In our workshops we use creative activities to help participants understand more about BPD, how it affects those with the diagnosis - what goes on beneath the external behaviour and how to effectively support someone with the condition.

We had a fantastic time running it - they’re an amazing bunch of people do who incredible work supporting individuals with a variety of mental health difficulties and were really keen to learn and understand more about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

It seems that they found it helpful too:

"The exploration of the symptoms and hearing the personal experience of the facilitators was so valuable. Learning that invalidation is a huge trigger for exacerbating BPD symptoms is something very helpful that I’ll take away with me"

"The most valuable part of the workshop for me was learning how to relate to someone with BPD and help them effectively".

"The training was great today. Really useful and informative. Thank you to the lovely volunteers running it".

"I now understand the symptoms well - after using art/visual activity, I will remember it better!"

We don't currently have any Creative Educational Workshops scheduled, but we can run sessions for staff groups, and we are likely to run more open workshops in the new year. You can click here if you'd like to find out more about our Creative Educational Workshops.

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