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Creative Workshop Facilitators

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Creative Workshop Facilitator at Borderline Arts. You will be responsible for facilitating (and sometimes planning) creative workshops.

These are often for carers of people with BPD (including professionals who support those with BPD and loved ones) - these creative workshops are educational and follow a set structure.

We occasionally run workshops for the general public. These could be workshops for those attending our Exhibitions to creatively respond to the content/nature of the art. We are also hoping to begin a monthly creative workshop for people with BPD. With these workshops, you can use any form of creativity as long as it enables the overall aim of the workshop to be met.

There is the option to co-facilitate with another Borderline Arts Workshop Facilitator. There will always be at least 2 Borderline volunteers present at every workshop.

The Workshop Facilitator:

  • Facilitates workshops to raises awareness of BPD through the creative arts to break down associated stigma

  • Facilitates workshops to enable others to use creativity as a healthy outlet and expression of feelings regarding their views about BPD/those with BPD/their experiences of interacting with those with BPD

  • Helps those attending the workshop to understand what it is like to live with BPD

  • Helps those attending the workshop to learn helpful ways of effectively supporting those with BPD they know/meet

  • Facilitates Workshops to enable those with BPD to use creativity as a healthy outlet and expression of feelings regarding their experiences of life with BPD (nothing too deep), or simply to have fun in a relaxed environment.

They will be passionate about using the arts to raise awareness of and reduce stigma, and will be a vital part of our exciting and creative team.

The Workshop Facilitator will:

Prior to Workshop

  • Prepare an outline of the topics/activities in the workshop (or series of workshops) where applicable.

  • If following a pre-planned workshop, go through the plan with your co-facilitator - clarify roles/timings etc.

  • Share this outline with the Borderline Founder to be okay-ed or for you to adapt together - where applicable.

  • Ensure a risk assessment has been completed and submitted to the volunteer coordinator - where applicable.

  • Have all necessary materials and supplies ready - liaise with Workshop Administrator.

During Workshop

  • Lead workshop on a previously discussed and approved topic

  • Engage participants in a fun and/or educational activity

  • Ask participants  to fill out feedback forms at the end of the workshop

Following Workshop

  • Communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator about the success/struggles/progression of the workshop(s).

  • Pass on the completed Feedback forms to the Workshop Administrator.

  • Inform Workshop Administrator id any materials need replenishing.


  • Handle petit cash and pass on receipts/cash to the Treasurer.

  • Complete ad hoc requests from the Borderline Arts Founder/Chairperson in a timely manner.

  • Be accountable to the Borderline Arts Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Work closely with the Borderline Arts Founder as well as other members of staff.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally a Workshop Facilitator is someone who:

  • is creative

  • is able to create a variety of workshop activities/styles etc

  • is able to adjust workshop style to coincide with the needs of those taking part

  • has experience of facilitating creative workshops

  • is patient and sensitive when working with those attending workshops

  • is encouraging and empathetic

  • is dependability

  • is flexible

  • handles Pressure

  • can communicate effectively and has excellent interpersonal skills

  • has the ability to work well in a team

  • has a good working knowledge of what Borderline Arts is all about

  • is positive and enthusiastic

  • can abide by Borderline Arts policies

  • has access to internet and email

  • is enthusiastic

  • has the ability to delegate successfully

  • is committed to their role

  • communicates clearly and regularly with the Borderline Arts Volunteer Coordinator (what is happening generally, positive steps forward, if anything is going awry, if yourself or team members are not able to complete tasks, etc). Communication is key!

Appointment Terms and Time Commitment Required

  • The Creative Workshop Facilitator is appointed for a term, which is negotiated between the Volunteer Coordinator and the applicant. The minimum term is 12 months.

  • The estimated time commitment required as the Creative Workshop Facilitator of Borderline Arts is approx 4-5 hours per session (including set up/clear up and planning). Some months will only have one workshops, other months may have 2-4 workshops – so there is a need for flexibility.

  • You can choose just to facilitate workshops for those with BPD, just those for professionals etc.

  • At all times, remember that Borderline Arts' focus is to raise awareness/understanding of and reduce stigma surrounding BPD, using the arts – ensure whatever you are doing is achieving that aim, or leading us to be able to do that more.


Being the Creative Workshop Facilitator of Borderline Arts is an opportunity to contribute to the overall development of Borderline Arts. Our committee is a friendly, dedicated team who welcomes new members.

  • 100% of out of pocket expenses that are vital to the role of Workshop Facilitator are reimbursed.

  • Gain experience in Creative Facilitation.

  • Access to training and development workshops and seminars.

  • Opportunity to work in a positive and encouraging environment.

  • Gain experience of working in a growing dynamic and successful arts and mental health organisation.

  • Borderline Arts will provide ongoing support and a reference to help your future career.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this role, please fill out out our volunteer Application Form. 

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