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About Us

Borderline Arts is the only charity in the UK that focuses specifically on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). We use the arts to raise awareness of BPD - a severe and enduring mental health condition. Through increasing understanding of the condition, we not only educate people, but also break down the stigma surrounding it.

1% of the population have a diagnosis of BPD and 1 in 10 individuals with BPD die from suicide. Despite this, very few people know what BPD is or how to effectively support those with the condition. We want to help change that and that is why we exist! 

Click here to browse our short but comprehensive booklet, which gives an overview about who we are and what we do...or you can simply browse our website!

Quick links to more information about us:

When and why was Borderline Arts was formed?

What do we do - an overview

So what do we do?

Exhibitions of Artwork created by individuals with BPD. Their art expresses their experience of living the condition.

Theatre/Film Projects which help raise understanding of BPD. These projects are not solely for people with BPD. We join with local arts professionals and artists/actors.

Creative Educational Workshops which are aimed health care professionals/students and carers/family/friends of people with BPD. The session helps participants to express their personal thoughts and feelings about BPD, learn more about the condition and learn ways to sensitively relate to someone with BPD.

Art Group and Writing Group for Adults with BPD which run on a monthly basis - a relaxed creative space focussing on the positive aspects of who we are.

General Awareness Raising. We have information stands at community events and hold events/fundraisers which are all to raise awareness. We also release articles and share relevant information on our website and social media.

What are we trying to achieve?

Raise awareness of BPD to the general public to help reduce stigma and improve attitudes to those with the illness

- Encourage social inclusion and provide a creative outlet for sufferers

- Empower those with BPD to feel able to live with and speak about the illness without shame

- Enable adults with BPD to creatively explore the positive aspects of themselves and to see their illness not as who

  they are, but rather as a list of their (albeit sometimes intolerable) struggles

Educate carers and professionals, to help improve the quality of care and relationships for those with BPD

- Strengthen and enrich the local community through the arts


We are not a support service for those with BPD, but rather an awareness raising charity. Having said that, we do empower individuals with the condition to express their experience of the condition in creative ways - this not only helps to raise awareness, but also gives them a voice and a realisation that having the illness is not something to be ashamed of at all.

This in itself increases their self-esteem and confidence and to feel validated and accepted in who they are. Borderline Arts also aims to improve the quantity and quality of care provided for those with BPD by educating carers and professionals about the condition and how to help those with it.


In some of our activities, some of the people included are sufferers of BPD and some are not. This means that the level of social inclusion for them will increase not only with other sufferers, but also with the local community. The local community is then strengthened as people are brought together and work together.

              Click here to browse our short but comprehensive booklet about who we are and what we do.

              Click here to read our latest Trustees Annual Report and Accounts (April 2020 - March 2021).

119 Osmaston Road




Number of volunteers: 

6-10 volunteers


Approximate annual turnover: 

Under £10,000

Registered Charity Number:




March 2013


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