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Postcard Project

Blue geometric pattern
Geometric shapes on purple background
Colourful star
Scene with rainbow and the text "Thankyou So Much'
Eyes collage
Drawing of a cat
Giraffe saying, 'Stand Tall! You've Got This!'
Collage of scenic destinations

A few of the postcards done in our art group for people with BPD to launch to project

Click on each individual picture to see a larger image of it along with who created it.

We would like to invite anyone with Borderline Personality Disorder (anywhere in the world!) to join in with a new venture, our Postcard Project.


We would be happy to receive any of your creations, in any medium: pencil, paint, collage etc. as a postcard sized (150 mm x 105 mm, landscape) piece of art.


Please email us a clear photo showing the whole image, so we can get this online wall montage (left) growing to showcase your creations and inspire others to take part!


Once you've emailed us the photo, please post your physical copies to us (address below). These will be used as personalised and meaningful thank you messages to sponsors, supporters, volunteers and anyone who helps out with Borderline Arts activities.

We envisage this as an ongoing project with our wall of postcard art being added to and used regularly for this purpose!

We welcome and look forward to receiving any of your artwork on a piece of card 15 cm (w) x 10.5 cm (h). If you would like to find out more, please email


Please send your contributions to: Borderline Arts, 119 Osmaston Road, Derby, DE1 2GD.

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