Art Group for Adults with BPD

We launched our Art Group in January 2018. It's a free bi-monthly group for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) to come together and engage in creative activities, with a focus on exploring/expressing/celebrating the positive aspects of ourselves and our lives. No Artistic ‘skill’ or experience is needed.

Group members have requested that we run the group more frequently in the future, which we will look into. We hope this will be possible, as it seems from the feedback we receive to be really helping those who come along:

“Attending this group has really opened up a new way for me to express myself. Things are still very tough, but having a safe, friendly environment where my inner creativity is encouraged to come out has been so beneficial for me. And now and I'm using the skills I learn in the group to help me at home - art has started helping me in times of crisis as a distraction/soothing technique that I wouldn't have used before. This group has been a real lifeline for me, so I just want to let you know it really is appreciated”.

The Art Group is not a therapy group to explore difficulties, but rather a space to focus on positive elements of ourselves and our lives. We'll create art to explore/express our qualities, interests, quirks, happy memories, healthy relationships etc. 

We have chosen this focus, as many of us with BPD struggle to know who we are outside of the BPD label.  Much of the time we can even feel that we are 'innately bad'. We want to strengthen the realisation that the diagnosis of BPD is essentially a list of (often overwhelming) difficulties we are faced with, but that it does not define who we are! 

We hope that having fun and creatively exploring these themes will help group members to build up a more positive self image and sense of identity.

2019 Dates:


 Friday 25th January 

 Friday 29th March 

Friday 31st May

Friday 26th July

 Friday 27th September

 Friday 29th November

(Bi-monthly basis: last Friday of the month). 




2pm - 4pm


119 Osmaston Road, Derby, DE1 2GD

If you have BPD and are interested in coming along, we'd love to see you there! For more information or to confirm attendance, please contact us at or via our Facebook group.

Art Group for Adults with BPD

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