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Borderline Writers

Borderline Arts run a bi-monthly writing group for adults diagnosed with BPD, which offers a chance for like-minded people to gather in a safe environment, socialise and have fun, whilst gaining knowledge, experience, and confidence in using creative writing as a tool for escapism, self-expression, and practical application.

May is always BPD Awareness Month, and from the 13th - 19th 2019 it was also Mental Health Awareness Week. In recognition of this, our 'Borderline Writers' each wrote a poem titled 'More Than a Label', to reflect on how the condition and diagnosis affect them personally, and to express who they are without the 'label', as that is unfortunately often overlooked by many when discussing mental illness.


You can read a selection of these poems in the slideshow below:

More Than a Label 


(Megan Bartlett)

I have BPD but I am not BPD.

I am more than a label.


I love my kids, my animals, 

The Smiths, tattoos and piercings. 

I have a lot of loves.


I’m proud that I have left an abusive relationship and I am enjoying being free.


I believe that things can get better. 

They have to.

My friends say I am funny and kind. 

I’m not sure I believe them.


I achieved a social work degree. 

I hope that one day I can get back to work as a social worker.

But I'm not that same person any more

I hope I can become that strong again.


I want me and my kids and our fur babies to live happily ever after in our new home.


I am more than a label.

I have BPD but I am not BPD.

I am Megan.

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