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Online Exhibition 

This year, for BPD Awareness Month (May 2020), we can't run any events in person, but that won't stop us! We are instead launching this online exhibition of artwork created by those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) during the pandemic...


The artists use creative ways to conveys things, beings or strategies that are helping them to cope with having BPD on top of living in lockdown due to a global pandemic!  

 Anyone with BPD (anywhere in the world) is invited to join in with this project! If you'd like to take part, please see the information at the bottom of this page, below the gallery images. Otherwise simply enjoy browsing the art below:


Emma Wolverson

This is my contribution to the online exhibition of things that are helping us survive during lockdown for BPD awareness month. Focusing on Finleys wellbeing and happiness helps to do the same for mine. In effect, if he's happy, mama's happy. Surviving lockdown... Were still standing! Mental health in tact... Just about!!! 

Still Images (Sliding Gallery)

Click on the arrows to browse artwork by various artists

How can I get involved?


If you're interested in getting involved, but are unsure where to start, ideas could include a portrait of a special person or animals, a photo of a special item, an image representing creativity, nature, anti-bacterial gel, communication with family, spirituality, ... or anything at all that helps them stay well! You can create your response to the theme in any style & medium: e.g photography, video, paint, pencil, sculpture, collage...

If you'd like to take part, please click on the PDF icon for more information and guidelines. Then once you've finished creating, email us a clear photo showing the whole of your image/creation. In your email, please also include up a short description (150 words max) about your image - what it represents & means to you in relation to the theme. Also, please state if you would like to remain anonymous or if you're happy for us to use your name on the website/social media with your image. (N.B. By submitting your art you are agreeing to the guidelines).


We hope that this online gallery will not only showcase your fantastic creations, but also share hope and inspire others to engage in positive coping strategies to get through these difficult times with a very tricky illness.

If you would like to find out more, please email

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