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Professionals & Carers

We are very careful to ensure that this website is free from content that could be distressing/triggering for those with BPD (also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder - EUPD). We want to ensure that this website is a safe space for anyone to browse.

We also want to safely share content that we feel could be useful for health/social care professionals and carers for those with BPD/EUPD. However, we are aware that some of this may be distressing/triggering for some readers, include many of those with BPD/EUPD. For example, the content of those pages may discuss issues such as self-harm, suicide etc.

So, we have decided to try out creating a 'log-in' system. This will enable us to share that sort of content with those wanting to learn more about BPD/EUPD, but who won't be negatively impacted by it.


If you support someone with BPD/EUPD and you would like to have access to this additional content , please create a free profile on our website.


To Create a Free Profile:

1. Simply click on 'Log in' at the top-right of the screen

2. Fill in your username and password OR log in via the Facebook or Google link


Once you are logged in, when you browse the website, additional pages will then show up that are invisible to those who are not logged in.

We hope that this can enable us to safely increase understanding for carers/professionals and improve care for those with BPD.

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