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What do we do?

We run a variety of activities and events here at Borderline Arts, all to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding BPD.

In this video Sarah gives an overview of the different strands of our work:

Click on the links below for more information about specific strands:


Exhibitions of Artwork

..created by individuals with BPD. Their art expresses their experience of living the condition.

Theatre/Film Projects

...which help raise understanding of BPD. These projects are not solely for people with BPD. We join with local arts professionals and artists/actors.

Creative Educational Workshops

...which are aimed health care professionals/students and carers/family/friends of people with BPD. The session helps participants to express their personal thoughts and feelings about BPD, learn more about the condition and learn ways to sensitively relate to someone with BPD.

Art Group and Writing Group

...for Adults with BPD which run on a monthly basis - a relaxed creative space focussing on the positive aspects of who we are.

General Awareness Raising

We have information stands at community events and hold events/fundraisers which are all to raise awareness. We also release articles and share relevant information on our website and social media.

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